Universités des Achats 2021


Hélène Paul


Chief Procurement Officer


Hélène Paul was appointed Chief Procurement Officer of the Michelin Group on January, 2 nd , Mrs Paul is graduated in Engineering from “MINES Paris Tech” She started in the professional life as a mathematic physics professor in Africa and many years later, in Brazil. The rest of her career took place at Michelin, where she has held several leadership roles driven by the development of people in international and multicultural environments. She joined Michelin in 1985 as IS team Leader in operational research activities in production and industrial fields. Since 1994 she has held several positions in Purchasing and in HR. In Purchasing, she has worked as Worldwide Project Manager (globalization of Raw Materials Purchasing then Head of Marketing and Communication Purchasing and finally Vice President of Raw Materials. In HR, she held a position of Career Manager for employees in Finance, Supply Chain and Purchasing, then Director of Group talent Management, and her last position was VP Corporate career management.

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